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Look who is back!
Through nothing short of a miracle, I caught up with Nabiki in Jugner! We, uh. We couldn't get through Jugner on account of it being a giant Orc stronghold and all. I didn't know they had a massive wall throughout the entire place!

But fortunately, there is another area that we cut through! It was very pretty! I wonder what happened to it. Something to look into. Maybe it blew up, I dunno.

So we made it to San d'Oria - and that was disorienting, let me tell you? We exited through Jugner on the far side of the lake - without swimming across or anything, before you ask! - and found ourselves in East Ronfaure instead of King Ranperre's Tomb like we'd been expecting.

Uh... made it to town despite everything and ended up being recruited... went out and collected scrap parts! From, er, an early version of an airship, would be my guess. This is so weird.


Er, anyway, I was poking around Ronfaure (there is no West Ronfaure!) and found another one of those maws and... whoo!

I knew I was back right away. The lack of giant craters everywhere was a bit of a giveaway.


But now I am supposed to go make an idiot of myself for the Dancer Troupe person thing. I honestly do not know why I am doing this.

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