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Windurst is a mess
Gust Slash
Nabi and Ani and I went Orc hunting! Sort of. We killed a huge Orc, anyway!

In the past, I mean.

And San d'Oria seemed pretty done with us for the time being, so we decided to check out some of the other locations known to have those maws and also to head to Windurst. It didn't have to be Windurst - we could've gone to Bastok - but it was!

Though we did a pit stop at Garlaige, since they have maps for the inlet there. I HAS A MAP. \o.o/

And then we headed for Windurst! Tahrongi Canyon's inaccessible - like La Theine. Well, we could probably get to La Theine, maybe? I haven't tried! You don't know how many Orcs patrol that area of Jugner. It's terrifying. So I'm staying away from there for now.

No, instead, we passed through a fort! It had a Tarutaru name, so it rhymed, but I can't remember it, because Taru names are really weird and all!

Windurst is a wreck, guys. Seriously, there are craters in the town, or at last in the Waters district. We can't get into anywhere else, so I don't know how bad it is through there. Probably terrible.

Makes me a little proud to be San d'Orian. Elvaan higher-ups are generally pretty snobby, at least to outsiders and others that they don't see any reason to respect, but they generally keep themselves on top of things. Too proud not to!

Ignore Tavnazia for now. XD

Speaking of Elvaan, Excenmille was a weirdo when he was younger.

Of course, Windurst got thoroughly hammered in the war - we all know that! But it's, er. Different to see the damage first-hand, I guess.

BEING IN THE PAST IS STILL REALLY WEIRD. But at least it's pretty hard to forget.

Oh. There's that comet in the sky. It's pretty, but... weird.

And I fell into the Batallia maw again and had another weird dream! Except I guess they're not really dreams, they just feel like them. Kihara, did you learn to speak listening to Cait Sith? You've got similar vocal mannerisms...

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