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Hisi Lite!

Less pic-spamming, more boring inner monologues

Hisi Mehlota
6 November 1986
Hi! This is my journal! Obviously. I don't do too much, though, so don't expect a whole bunch of awesome stories! JUST LOTS OF FLAILING. This is mostly for my own thoughts, actually, 'cause I log most of my adventures over at brinkoftwilight, where Aya and Ki and I all bother each other. (I used to cross-post, but it was too much work for my lazy tail, haha.)

So~ I'm from San d'Oria! Not originally, of course, but that's where I signed on as an adventurer, so it's where I live now! IT'S AWESOME. AND BETTER THAN YOU. SHUT UP ABOUT CONQUEST RESULTS.

Aaand, uh. Stuff. I don't know, does anyone actually read these? WHATEVER.